Fall 2014
Supervision in Care Management: Managing Quality

An Accountability Rating Model: Using NACCM’s “Care Manager Tasks: Content Domains and Task Statements” to Measure Your Practice and/or Supervisees

National Academy of Certified Care Managers and Phyllis Mensh Brostoff


In their article “Long-Term Care Management Turns 40: What We Know and What We Don’t,” Robert Applebaum and Anthony Bardo challenge us to develop “evidence-based practice strategies.”

In its “Renewal Instructions” for its credential holders, the National Academy of Certified Care Managers (NACCM) explains its requirement for its credential holders to actually be practicing care management. 1 Credential holders are asked to use “NACCM Care Manager Tasks: Content Domains and Task Statements” as a measure of what that practice needs to include.  NACCM’s definition of supervision is: “as an ongoing process of consultation and performance appraisal for the purpose of maintaining and improving the quality of one’s care management practice.”

These Domains/Tasks were developed by experts in the field, many of whom are members of NAPGCM.  We propose using the NACCM Domains and Tasks as a tool which individual care managers, or care management agencies, can use to rate either their own practice, or that of care managers they are supervising, as the next step in building those “evidence-based practice strategies” Applebaum and Bardo suggest.

Using the charts below, rate your agency, yourself as a care manager, or the care managers who work in your agency, in how they achieve these tasks using the following scale:

0 – does not perform this task at all
1 – performs this task but not consistently.
2 – performs this task consistently but needs to improve
3 – always performs this task and at a high level

Scores could range from 0-66.

Domain 1: Assess and identify client strengths, needs, concerns and preferences


Domain 2: Establish goals and a plan of care


Domain 3: Implement Care Plan


Domain 4: Manage and monitor the ongoing provision of and need for care


Domain 5: Ensure professional practice



Accountability Rating Charts


1 National Academy of Certified Care Managers CMC Renewal Instructions pages 12, 13


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